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Lucknow Auxiliary To Winter Sports operates the arena food booth and hosts a minor hockey tournament at the arena.  They fundraise to help keep minor hockey registration rates at an affordable cost.

Dear Parents/ Guardians;


On behalf of the Lucknow Auxiliary to Winter Sports (LAWS), we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you back to the Lucknow Arena for another year of action-packed activities.  Some of you have been involved with Minor Hockey for several years but for some this is your first year with us so we thought it would be beneficial to provide you with the following information on what we do and why we require your help and co-operation.


*****LAWS is a group of volunteers consisting of a Core Executive (President, Secretary, Treasurer, Booth Convenor and Registrar) as well as the Booth Captains, a representative from Lucknow Minor Hockey.  The Books of LAWS are audited each year.


*****The mandate of LAWS:  “ With an active team of volunteers, comprised of parents and guardians of children registered in winter sports, the Lucknow Auxiliary to Winter Sports manages and operates the food booth at the Lucknow Arena to raise funds to be used for the benefit of winter sports activities and incidentals.”


*****LAWS will meet on a monthly bases, between September and April.  The minutes of each meeting are posted monthly on our LAWS Bulletin Board beside the Food Booth along with any and all information pertaining to LAWS.  Anyone is welcome to come to a meeting.


*****Team Captains are volunteers who have accepted the responsibility of ‘staffing’ the food booth over the course of winter sports.  Team Captains will contact members of their team for the weeks they are required to provide staffing.  Team Lists, contact numbers and the weeks of responsibility are posted on the LAWS Bulletin Board.  Please contact your team captain if you are required to pre book your shift due to shift work or holidays etc. as this will make it easier for both involved.  We ask that you support your Captains when they contact you to work and make every effort to fulfill your responsibilities. 


*****LAWS also uses the services of Student Volunteers to assist in the food booth.  Students may use these volunteer hours as part of their secondary hours that are needed before graduation.  No one under the age of 14 shall be permitted in the food booth. If you have a student who is interested please call the Registrar-Tammy Murray 519 528 3377 or [email protected]  All students will be accompanied by an adult over 18 years of age when working in the food booth.




*****The majority of the funds raised from the food booth are donated back to Lucknow Minor Hockey to assist YOU with registration fees.  Because of this you pay lower fees and DO NOT have to do any fundraising!!  This helps YOU.


*****LAWS also assist first year referees with their Clinic Costs, donate money to each hockey team for tournament fees, sponsor several public skating activities each year, and provides lunch/ snacks/ coffee for Coaches/ Trainers Clinics etc.   LAWS also have contributed to various upgrades and improvements to the arena itself.


WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO TO HELP????????????????


*****We have assigned each person to a team.  Your team captain will call you to work in the food booth approximately a week before you are needed.  Please support your captain and help out as much as possible. Remember we all are volunteering our time to make this work for our benefit.  If everyone gives a little extra we all will have an easier job.


Please be sure to follow www.lucknowminorhockey.ca.

Email [email protected] with any questions or concerns.


Thank you for helping us make our Arena Food Booth one we can be proud of and remember we need your support and participation over the 2017/2018 season!


Yours truly,


LAWS Executive




  -  Cheryl Johnston


TREASURER  -  Deb Murray

SECRETARY  -  Annette MacKenzie

REGISTRAR  -  Tammy Murray

BOOTH CONVENOR  -  Betty Stanley  519-440-2624


L.A.W.S. Minutes – February 12, 2018

at the Lucknow Arena


Attendance:   Cheryl Johnston, Heather Jones, Annette MacKenzie, Tammy Murray, Leanne Scott, Linda Smits, Betty Stanley


Absent With Notice:    Deb Murray, Andrea VanderWoude


Approval of Minutes from January/18:  Tammy Murray made a motion to accept the minutes as read; seconded by Heather Jones.  All in favour.  Carried.



Annette MacKenzie shared a funding request that was sent via email by the Novice Development team.  They are requesting $200.00 for a tournament in Owen Sound.  Cheryl agreed to ask Deb Murray to issue funding if not previously given to them this season.


Treasurer’s Report: Cheryl Johnston reported on behalf of Deb Murray the following bank balances:
Booth Account:  $4,990.48

Tournament Account: $10,669.72

No Reserves


Booth Report:   Betty Stanley had nothing to report at this time.


Registration Report:  Tammy Murray had nothing to report at this time, however booth captain discussions were as follows:

1)    There is a team with one volunteer who has not done their fair share of shifts, but the captain is confident they will fulfill them before the end of the season.

2)    There is a juvenile player that refuses to work and there is no cheque in our possession to cash despite numerous attempts to get one.

3)    Two other volunteers need shifts, so if any booth captains require extra coverage please share the times.


Business Arising from the Minutes:

1)    Initiation Team Funding – Cheryl Johnston reported that the Initiation team is requesting money for their year end party in lieu of tournament funds this year.  A motion was made by Leanne Scott to donate $50.00.  Seconded by Betty Stanley.  All in favour.  Carried.

2)    Fate of L.A.W.S. – Cheryl Johnston reported that she had been speaking with a representative from Ripley to see how they run their food booth.  She was told they have a committee of president, treasurer, secretary, team reps, food convenor etc., but that a lot of these positions are currently empty.  Each team covers their own time clock, but volunteering is needed for the booth and the door.  They currently collect one cheque for the season for $250.00 and each family is required to cover 6 regular season games and 2 post season games.  In the past, they have distributed $300-$500 for tournament funding per team.  Ripley’s opinion is that they would just follow our lead upon amalgamation as they like our current set-up.  Cheryl stated that the newly amalgamated minor hockey executive will have to make some decisions in order for L.A.W.S. to explore their options for the future.  It was suggested that at the time of a final decision, it should be put to a parent vote.  Cheryl agreed to keep in contact with Joan Nelson regarding the new minor hockey executive and any decisions that they make that will affect the future of L.A.W.S.

3)    Tournament Updates -  Cheryl Johnston confirmed that the trophies have been taken care of for the Atom MVPs, but that the Irwin’s still have to arrange theirs.  The medals have been ordered for both tournaments.  Betty Stanley will create a schedule for the upstairs food booth and let everyone know when they are needed.  Lake Range Realty has agreed to sponsor the Atom giveaways, but the Irwin’s have decided to do something on their own.  Timekeepers are still needed for Saturday (a good way for students to get their volunteer hours), and Cheryl will check with the Irwin’s if Sunday shifts are still vacant.


New Business: 

1)    Committee Resignations – The following resignations were put forth and accepted:  Heather Jones, Annette MacKenzie, Tammy Murray, Linda Smits.  All resignations are effective at the end of the 2017/2018 hockey season.  New volunteer recruitment will commence, if necessary, when the future of L.A.W.S. is determined.


Next Meeting:  Monday, March 19, 2018 – 7:00 p.m. at the arena.


Adjournment:  Motion to adjourn – Betty Stanley; Seconded – Linda Smits.  All in favour.  Adjourned.

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